Volunteer FAQs


How do I start volunteering?
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Venice Family Clinic! Please review the different volunteer opportunities we have to offer and the application process (varies by volunteer-type).

What are the minimum requirements to become a volunteer?
We require volunteers to commit to volunteer with us for at least 12 hours/month for at least 6 months. You may serve more than 12 hours/month depending on the Clinic’s schedule needs. Most of our opportunities are limited to 18 years and older, though we have some limited opportunities for people 14+ years.

When can I volunteer?
Most of our opportunities are limited to normal business hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. We ask volunteers to commit to a regularly scheduled shift each week. For example, a volunteer can be scheduled for every Monday from 9am-12pm.

Can patients volunteer at the Clinic?
Yes! Current patients are welcome to volunteer in any available position we have to offer at Venice Family Clinic.

What documents and forms are required to volunteer?

  • Online Application
  • HIPAA Certificate
  • Immunization History:
    • Medical documentation of TWO MMR vaccinations OR Medical documentation of ONE BLOOD TITER indicating immunity to MMR
    • Medical documentation of a negative TB skin test completed within the last 12 months OR a negative TB chest x-ray completed within the 3 years

For more detailed information regarding our immunization requirements, please see our TB/MMR Guidelines.

For medical providers, you will need to submit information about your credentials and license/certification (see provider application process).

Where is the Online Application?
For all General Volunteers, the link to the Online Application will be email to applicants after they attend the Info Session.

For all Volunteer Medical Providers, the Online Application is the first step in the provider application process.

How do I get a HIPAA Certificate?
You can complete the HIPAA training online via this link.

What if I submitted a HIPAA Certificate to another branch of UCLA?
We require all volunteers to submit a copy of their HIPAA Certificate to Venice Family Clinic’s Volunteer Department. If you lost your certificate, you are welcome to retake the training in order to get new one to submit to VFC.



Do you offer short-term or group projects?
Yes. Please click here for more information.

Why are some positions waitlisted or unavailable?
Availability fluctuates based on the Clinic’s needs. However, some positions are waitlisted or currently unavailable, there are always opportunities to contribute to the Clinic. We encourage volunteers to sign-up for currently open opportunities in order to gain a broader scope of the Clinic’s needs and functions.

How to I become a Clinic Assistant?
We no longer keep a waitlist for the Clinic Assistant role. We accept and train Clinic Assistant volunteers based on the Clinic’s needs, with recruitment typically occurring in the Spring and Fall. Priority is given to individuals that have volunteered with the Clinic in other roles on a weekly basis for at least 6 months and have demonstrated outstanding attendance, communication skills, and commitment to the program.

Which positions provide direct patient interactions?
Pediatric Literacy, Healthcare Navigators, Spanish Interpreters, Front Desk, Health Education (most roles), Clinic Assistants, Dental Assistants, Optometry Assistants, Dispensary Assistants, and Medical Providers.



What is the dress code? (Applies to all staff and volunteers, however, exceptions for religious practice may be made)

General Appearance:

  • Employees must wear their UCLA ID badge at all times on the upper third of their body
  • Shoes must be professional, clean, have closed toes and not present a safety hazard
  • Hair must be clean and neat. For clinical staff, hair longer than shoulder length must be held back off the face
  • Beards, goatees and mustaches are acceptable if trimmed and well kept
  • Fingernails must be clean, groomed and moderate in color and length. Artificial nails, tips and/or fillers are not permitted by those providing direct care to the patient, including where food is prepared
  • Body tattoos and body piercing should be discreet, professional and not pose a safety hazard
  • Jewelry must look professional and not interfere with safety or performing assigned functions
  • Employees are expected to maintain good personal hygiene such that body odor, smoke or other odors are not detectable
  • Fragrances or use of scented products should be used conservatively and in a manner that is considerate of our patients, co-workers, customers and visitors and may be prohibited where they may have an adverse effect on patients or other staff members

Attire should be professional, business-appropriate and should not include the following:

  • Shorts, athletic/exercise attire
  • Hats, caps, or other material on the head or neck except as medically necessary for specific clinical staff. Exceptions to this rule may be permitted on a case-by-case basis for religious purposes
  • Tight shirts and tank tops worn as an outer garment
  • Additionally, attire must not expose backs, midriff, shoulders, undergarments or cleavage
  • Patient care staff members may wear scrubs which are expected to be properly laundered and pressed
  • Providers may wear white lab-style coats which are expected to be properly laundered and pressed

What is the attendance policy?

Please note that we ask volunteers to let us know at least two business days in advance of any planned absences. Send all schedule-related messages to VFCvolunteer@mednet.ucla.edu and cc your site supervisor. We keep a record of your attendance and take note of ALL call-outs. We consider consistency and prompt communication when evaluating your eligibility for our volunteer program as well as your candidacy for clinical roles. Attendance history is also considered when we make recommendations for schools, employers, and etc.

  • Temporary Leave and End of Service: Please email VFCvolunteer@mednet.ucla.edu and your site supervisor for any planned or unplanned changes to your involvement with Venice Family Clinic. This enables us to have an accurate idea of our filled and unfilled needs. This also alerts us to any action items such as changing your volunteer status, sending you our end-of-service survey, and deactivating associate accounts.



How do I log my hours?

VFC secures grants and tax breaks due to the service hours contributed by our volunteers. As much as possible, please use the electronic timeclock to document your hours. This way, your service history will be up-to-date and available for viewing online. If the timeclock is not functioning, please defer to the paper timesheets. For more detailed information and photos of this process, please click here: How to Sign In

How can I view or get a copy of my service history?
You can view your service history at any time by logging into Volgitics. Click here for more details. If a formal verification of your service hours is required, please contact VFCvolunteer@mednet.ucla.edu at least two weeks in advance.

How can I get a letter of recommendation (LOR)?
Please note that though we are truly appreciative of all the support volunteers provide, we may not be able to accommodate all LOR requests. You must have at least 100 hours and 6 months of documented volunteer service in order to request a Letter of Recommendation (LOR). We ask that you submit a LOR request at least 5-6 weeks in advance.

Who completes my letter of recommendation?

Please direct your request to a member of the Volunteer Services Department – preferably the staff member you work most closely with – via email. We will contact any staff members that you reference (see previous FAQ) and do our best to incorporate their feedback. We will draft your LOR on official VFC letterhead.

Most letters are written by a member of the Volunteer Services Department. If you are confident in your relationships with one of our clinical staff members, then you are welcome to issue a formal request for a LOR directly to that staff member. We suggest that you include options to write a full LOR or to simply contribute info towards a LOR from the Volunteer Services Department.

What should I include in my letter of recommendation request?

Please send the following information via email and include all info that will help us craft a strong letter on your behalf:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Specific due date
  • Any necessary instructions on how to submit the recommendation (whether the letter must be in a sealed envelope, persons the letter should be addressed to, physical address, web address, etc) Digital LOR submissions are preferred. If snail-mail is the only option, please submit postage.
  • List of names of any staff members (first and last names) that might want to contribute some information to your LOR based on their experience working alongside you during your time as a volunteer with VFC
  • Photo (helpful for us to circulate to the VFC staff in order to collect good feedback for LOR)
  • You may submit a Letter of Recommendation request to Volunteer Services by filling in the LOR request template below and sending the request to VFCvolunteer@mednet.ucla.edu.  In order for our team to write a strong letter on your behalf, you will need to submit the following information via email 5 – 6 weeks before your intended due date for the letter. Along with your email request, please be sure to articulate any additional submission instructions for each school that you are applying to.



    Letter of Recommendation Request – Email Template:

    Dear (Name of Volunteer Services Staff),

    I would like to request a Letter of Recommendation in order to apply for (name and/or type of graduate program).  The proposed due date for this LOR is (due date).

    I have worked closely with the following VFC staff members, who can contribute positively to my Letter or Recommendation.  These staff members can attest to my accomplishments at VFC and my unique personal attributes, as detailed below.

        Names of VFC Staff Referrals

Please provide first and last names of 1 – 3 VFC staff members that can speak positively on your behalf.




        Description of Volunteer Service

    • Please provide a quick overview of your day-to-day volunteer tasks.  Include any specifics that you can in terms of patient demographics served, specialty services provided, names of staff that you worked closely with, and knowledge and skills that you have used and developed in your volunteer role(s).

        Key Accomplishments

    1. List 3 key accomplishments at VFC that you are most proud of:

Personal Attributes

    • What differentiates you from other VFC volunteers?  Please reference and provide examples of unique personal attributes that you have demonstrated while at VFC — such as dependability, leadership potential, adaptability, versatility, rapport with staff and patients, etc.





Are there any employment opportunities at Venice Family Clinic?

We highly encourage volunteers to apply to roles at VFC that fit their skills and background. In order to view currently open employment opportunities, please visit the UCLA Health career website and search for keyword “Venice Family Clinic.”

Are there tax breaks for volunteers at Venice Family Clinic?

Please review more detailed information about tax breaks on the IRS website.